12v 600 WATT Stainless Steel Landscape Transformer 15PR600SS by Kichler Lighting

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Product Overview

Kichler 15PR600SS

From the Manufacturer

The Kichler 15PRD600SS Professional Series 600-Watt 2-In-1 Transformer provides one distinct model designed for unique applications where two separate independently controlled 300-Watt circuits (zones) and control options are located within the same housing. Features included with this transformer are a commercial grade toroid core and coil and dedicated wire loop for quick access testing of the primary load. A drop-down bottom panel has four pre-punched field knockouts sized for 1/2-Inch or 3/4-Inch conduit and one large center 1.75-Inch inlet. The easy-access flip top door with magnetic fastener needs no tools to open, and is lockable. The 15PRD600SS has an in-line secondary magnetic breaker that protects against short circuits and, if used indoors, the cable has to be lead through conduit. Installation is made easy with 30 degree tilted taps mounted on a 125-amp terminal board due to more space and greater visibility while inserting cables into taps. Your transformer selection will depend on the lighting job; size of the design layout, watts required and length of runs. Voltage drop will result in your lamps decreasing in brightness the farther they are from the transformer. Keeping runs as short as possible will minimize voltage drop and maximize light output. To figure voltage drop, use this equation: A (length of wire) x B (total number of watts for all lamps on that wire run) = C (cable constant - determined by wire size). Cable constant for each wire gauge is as follows: 10 gauge-11920, 12 gauge-7500 (no more than 250 watts or 200 feet), 14 gauge-3500 (no more than 200 watts or 150 feet), 16 gauge-2200 (no more than 150 watts or 100 feet), and 18 gauge-1380. This fixture is sold one per package and is UL rated for wet locations. Do not use with swimming pool or spa fixtures. Unlike many others, Kichler Landscape Lighting Transformers feature epoxy encapsulation, secondary protection and auto-reset circuit breakers.

15PR600SS Spec Sheet


(No reviews yet) Write a Review