150 WATT 150SSSL-LED Transformer by Unique Lighting Systems

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Product Overview

Unique Lighting Systems® is excited to announce our NEW 150 Watt LED Transformer! This is a true LED transformer specifically optimized for LED installations. Model 150SSSL-LED features a 15 Amp resettable circuit breaker (TRUE fused protection for 150 watts) and comes with multi-tap 12V, 13V, 14V, and 15V outlets. With a Stainless Steel enclosure, locking front cover and a 10 year warranty, this transformer is an excellent value. Mounting hardware included for fast and easy installation. Use with all Unique Lighting™ fixtures and FLEX GOLD™ Series LED lamps for a reliable and beautiful lighting installation.


MULTI-MATIC: 12V Multi-Matic 150W LED Transformer

Example: 150SSSL-LED
Tinned 6061-T6 aluminum
Engineered single core design with precision
grain-oriented steel laminations. High temperature glass
impregnated nylon bobbin and solid copper mag wire. To
ensure robust construction each output tap is welded to
the mag wire for optimum connectivity.
304 stainless steel (complies with NEMA 3R).
Primary Protection
LED safe 15 AMP breaker.
Power Cord
16/3 SJTW power cord. Six feet in length.
Output Terminal
Tinned 6061-T6 aluminum lug strip with
3mm hex set screw for a positive torque connection.
Includes 3mm hex key tool with every lugged
Stainless Steel finish is standard.
10-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.
UL 1598:2008 R10.12
CAN/CSA-C22.2 No
+Gl1 + Gl2 (R2013)
. 250.0-08
lug with 3mm set screws
Features & Benefits
• True LED transformer
• 15 Amp resettable breaker for true LED protection
• Light Logic™ ready
• SNPC ready
• Locking door
• Stainless steel construction
• 6 foot power cord
• 10-year warranty
Electrical Requirements
Available power ratings 150 Watts.
Primary voltage is 120 volts, secondary voltage
is 12V - 15V output.

150 WATT 150SSSL-LED Transformer Spec Sheet


(No reviews yet) Write a Review