SMRT-T Internet Gateway (Light Logic PLUS Internet Gateway)

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Product Overview

The Smrt Logic offers a convenient way to automate your low voltage lighting and other landscape features – all in an easy-to-install wireless system. Best of all, it installs into new or existing lighting systems.

SMRT-T – Internet Gateway

• Astronomical timing – auto adjusts dusk and dawn times by your location and seasonal changes
• Easy ZIP code entry for location
• Automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time
• Firmware upgradable
• Power outage safe – you won’t lose your programming
• Secure Internet Gateway – No Wi-Fi Limitations
• Communicates with LPCU-A via proven and dependable RF signal

Now control with Google Home and Amazon Alexa

In addition to irrigation, the Light Logic, when paired with Unique Lighting Wireless Auxiliary Relays, can control of a wide range of 120V-powered outdoor landscape features. Simply plug your devices into the AUX Relay and custom program through the Light Logic website. Further, the Light Logic can be controlled through your Amazon Echo or Google Home devices, giving you even more flexibility and control of your landscape.

"Ask Smart Logic to turn on scene 1"
"Ask Smart Logic to turn on zone 1"
"Ask Smart Logic to turn on zone 1 for 5 minutes"
"Talk to Smart Logic"

Warranty Information

5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review