Brilliance LED Guadalupe Wall Light Integrated Fixture

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Product Overview

The Guadalupe is an integrated lamp and fixture that casts light from wall-mount applications in outdoor living areas. We recommend using Lighting Shrink connections for the Guadalupe. Dimmable with Brilliance dimmer and most magnetic transformers. UL Certified E511083.

Fixture Finishes

The Guadalupe fixture is available in the following finishes: machined brass or blackened brass.

Machined brass offers a beautiful living finish that weathers over time to a unique patina.

To clean the fixture, periodically wipe it down with a mild soap and water.


Use Walls, Fence Posts, Around Pools, and Other Outdoor Living Areas
Finish Brass or Blackened Brass
Includes 12 ft Lead, 2 #8 Mounting Screws for Wood or Sheet Metal, Mounting Template
Integrated Lamp 2700K, 3.8W, 200 Lumens, 90°, CRI 80, IP65, 8-15VAC, 3 year warranty, 35,000 hours
3000K, 3.8W, 210 Lumens, 90°, CRI 80, IP65, 8-15VAC, 3 year warranty, 35,000 hours




  1. Using a torpedo level and the mounting template provided, align and mark the screw and cable holes.

  2. Drill the appropriate holes for the building materials to which the fixture will be mounted. Pre drill if necessary.

  3. Insert and thread in the bottom mounting screw.

  4. Pass the fixture cable through the larger center hole.

  5. Hang the fixture on the bottom screw.

  6. Align the top mounting tab with the top pilot hole and insert the mounting screw.

  7. Tighten the top mounting screw until snug and then finish tightening the bottom screw until snug.

  8. Connect the fixture wires to the main cable coming from the transformer.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review